Adventures in Painting

After buying our new home, one of the first projects we planned was to paint.  The house had some interesting “designer” colors – some we really liked, and some just didn’t fit our tastes.  In particular, the dining room and master bedroom were a fairly bright shade of orange.  Orange just isn’t my color.  I’ve always loved red dining rooms, and we wanted something more neutral in the bedroom.  In addition to these two rooms, we also planned to paint the nursery – it had 3 light pink walls and 1 wall that was a really pretty sage.  It had a white tree painted on it, with a little frog prince on one branch.  Very cute, but not really what we had in mind for our office.

The same day we closed on the home we began to throw up some color samples:

We had never painted before, but we decided we could try to handle the painting ourselves.  We started in the dining room, selecting Laura Ashley’s “Cocoa Rose” as the color.  We went to Lowe’s, and they helped us figure out what supplies we would need.  Just the taping and putting down paper on the floors took forever.  Our dining room looked like a construction zone for several weeks, as we put on 3 coats of primer (which probably was not necessary)  followed by 3 coats of the paint.

We loved how the color turned out, but I think it was enough for us to learn a lesson on painting.  We had a few issues with painting the trim and onto the side walls, and we don’t know what colors the sellers used to paint.

It felt good to complete this project ourselves, but we decided to have someone else paint the office and master bedroom, and it turned out to be money well spent!


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