In the past year…

… I graduated from grad school, we got married, moved to Houston, both started new jobs, adopted a puppy, and then bought a house.  It’s been exhausting and exciting at the same time.  I’m not sure where I see this blog going, but I wanted to capture our experiences as newlyweds & new puppy parents as we explore a new city and settle into our new home.

We adopted Bailey in January from the HSPCA, where I volunteer.  We think she’s a chocolate lab/boxer mix. 

She was a little sick when we first got her (just an “upper respiratory infection”), but the vet warned us it could be something more serious.  After some anti-biotics, Bailey seemed to get better, but in less than a month she developed some neurological symptoms.  Her back left leg began to twitch.  She was diagnosed with distemper, and at one point, we were told we might have to put her down.  Luckily, Bailey is a fighter, and she seemed to make it through the worst of it.  She still has a constant leg twitch in her left legs, but she is able to walk and play, and is the sweetest puppy ever.

I’m not sure if it had anything to do with her distemper or the move, but she suddenly stopped eating her dry food.  We’ve had to switch to wet food for her, and we can’t seem to get her back to the dry food.  Any suggestions for picky puppies?


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