A New Love

I have always loved grocery shopping.  I like to take my time, look at new products to try and compare nutrition labels.  I could go grocery shopping every day if the stores weren’t so busy!  One of my neighbors recently introduced me to a new grocery store in Houston, and I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it sooner:  Central Market.

They had such a great selection of produce, it was almost overwhelming.  One of my favorite features was the ready to go meals.  The packages come with all the meat and veggies you need, already chopped up, so you just need to heat them.  Pat and I tried the Thai Green Curry  – it took about 5-10 minutes to heat up in a skillet and was delicious for just $7.50!

I was also very impressed by the bulk section – over 600 items to choose from.  I decided to try some flavored coffee and went with the Almond Joy beans.  I ground them at home and found it actually came with almond slices, which were ground up with the coffee beans.  The beans smelled exactly like Almond Joy candy – the coffee itself had an interesting after taste – Pat thought it tasted buttery (and was not a fan), but I really liked it.  Since I was sick and working from home today, I decided to make some while he wasn’t around:

I’m looking forward to trying more new coffee flavors!


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