Oatmeal Baggies

I used to eat cereal before going to work, and I was always starving by 10:00 AM.  So I started to pack oatmeal, which I can heat up at work – this way I eat closer to 8:00 AM, and the oatmeal (usually) holds me over until a reasonable lunch time.  I started with just plain oatmeal, but have become more adventurous.  One of my favorite oatmeal recipes is from Hungry Girl – Fancy-Schmancy Oatmeal.  It mixes pumpkin, maple syrup and cinnamon.

I make all my baggies on Sundays, so I can grab and go during the week.

Only 4 baggies this week – I have a breakfast at work Thursday.  I also made up some baggies of another Hungry Girl recipe- pb & j cocoa-nana snack mix.

The recipe called for freeze-dried strawberries, but unable to find those, I substituted with dried apples.  A 3/4 cup serving has about 110 calories – this makes a great snack for the office.  My only complaint is that the dried fruit always makes the cereal kind of soggy in the baggies.  But it still tastes good and satisfies my sweet tooth!


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