Soy Quesadilla-Burritos

It was back into the swing of things today.  I think Bailey hates Mondays as much as I do – she’s always wound up in the morning and does her best to keep me from leaving for work.  This is her guarding the door this morning, refusing to go out because she knows she goes in her crate when she comes back in:

We celebrated May birthdays at work today – which included mine!  I enjoyed a (very large) piece of cookie cake.  I tried to eat well the rest of the day though.  I was good until tonight, when I enjoyed a glass of sangria on the lawn with our neighbors 🙂  And then I ran/walked 2 miles… not a good idea after the sangria.

Dinner tonight was yet another Hungry Girl recipe – Cheesy Beefy Quesadillas.  This one’s a staple in our house, I make it almost every week.  It’s so easy and fast, it’s a great week night dinner.  I skip the sour cream and use onion instead of scallions.

Okay, so I make it into a burrito instead of a quesadilla, but it’s the same idea.  Mmm cheesy goodness!


4 responses to “Soy Quesadilla-Burritos

  1. Loved the photo of Baily! What a smart girl to figure out the cues to leaving.

    The dinner looked good to me. What do you think the odds are that Dad would eat fake meat? I know the cheese wouldn’t be his thing.
    Can you tell the difference between regular and light cheese?

  2. Good luck getting dad to eat the fake meat! Maybe if you didn’t tell him what it was? I made this for Kellie when she was visiting, I think she liked it.

    I can tell a difference between regular and fat-free cheddar, but the FF doesn’t bother me. The Laughing Cow cheese is so good, you’d have no idea that it’s “light”!

  3. Cool. No fake meat for me, though!

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