Lean Green Beans

Okay, I’ll admit it now.  I’m going to cheat a little bit tonight.  I didn’t actually cook the food I’m about to show you – it was created earlier in the week, and was kind of a “test recipe” (it’s nice to have some dishes I know I can make for company), so I didn’t feature it.  My uncle was in town tonight and took us out to my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Tiempo Cantino.  I don’t have pictures from dinner (and really, the fajitas, chips and rice were probably not the healthiest option), so I’m going back in time to share a “healthy” recipe with you.

I’ve mentioned before that I wouldn’t touch anything green until college.  I’m still searching for ways to mask the flavor of my least favorite foods because they’re healthy and I really do want to eat them, but it’s a struggle.  Hungry Girl rarely lets me down, so I thought I would try her rockin’ lean bean casserole

Pat, as usual, was giving the dish a cautious eye, unsure if he even wanted to try it.  He loves the real thing, which I made once before, but didn’t eat a bite of.  Good thing he tried it!  Because I didn’t like it.  I couldn’t find onion-flavored soy chips, so I substituted with ranch flavored chips instead.  And I still couldn’t eat it.  Well, I take that back – I ate everything in the dish except for the green beans 🙂  I guess I’ll have to keep searching for a green bean dish I might actually eat.


2 responses to “Lean Green Beans

  1. Hope you had a good time with Mark. Those soy chips with the green beans really wouldn’t do much for me either.

  2. The soy chips were actually my favorite part of the dish – they just weren’t enough to mask the taste of the green beans. We had a fun time with Mark!

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