International House of No Pancakes Please

There are so many good breakfast/brunch spots in Houston, you’re probably wondering why on earth we would go to IHOP.  Well, it’s one of the few places that is usually not packed on a weekend morning, which makes it a good choice when we’re looking for a quick breakfast while out running errands.

I was pleasantly surprised to see their new “IHOP For Me” menu.  Lots of breakfast options for under 600 calories, with the nutrition information listed.  I ordered the Two-Egg Breakfast For Me, and asked if they could add onion and American cheese to my eggs.  They said no problem, and then charged an additional $2 for the additions without saying anything.

Although I ordered the Two-Egg Breakfast, they brought out the 2 x 2 x 2 with pancakes.  They were nice and brought out toast and fruit for me after I asked, but it took awhile.  I nibbled on the turkey bacon while I waited for the rest of the food so I could take a picture.  The turkey bacon was really good!

The service was awful today.  The restaurant was mostly empty, but it was sooo slow.  I had just finished a run on the treadmill before we left, and while they brought coffee right away, I had to wait almost 10 minutes for my water – I was dying of thirst!

My treadmill run was pretty good this morning – I alternated running and walking for 47 minutes and did 3.5 miles.  I finished 5k in 39:30 .  That sounds really slow to me, but I’m working on increasing my speed and mileage, and it’s a start.


2 responses to “International House of No Pancakes Please

  1. Ihop is a place where I like the food, but every single one I have been in has had very slow service. What is it with Ihops? I didn’t know they had the healthy menu options, so next time I can talk the family into going (and when we have time to wait!) I’ll try one. So you liked the turkey bacon. Does it taste like the real thing? I love better for you foods that taste like the real thing. That is why I love fat free miracle whip.

  2. I agree, the service at most IHOPs is slow. We usually have good luck at the location near us though… we had even had the same server before, and in the past he has been very good. This was the first time I had been there that I saw the healthy menu options, I was really excited about that.

    I didn’t think the turkey bacon tasted exactly like the real thing, but I actually liked it better. I also love finding “better for you” foods – and I love FF miracle whip!

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