My Dehydrated Garden

It looks like my days of having a green thumb may have come to an end.  The plants in our backyard get a lot of sun (more sun than the plants on the side of the house), and I had been watering them every day.  Well it got especially hot this week and I went ONE day (yesterday) without watering them… and this is what happened:

The leaves on the bell pepper have started to dry up…

My baby strawberries shriveled up and died…

The good news is, the flowers on the side of the house are healthy and growing well:

In the backyard, the purslane flowers and basil are still growing well.  I guess I’m learning what will do well in so much sun and what won’t.  Do my plants have any chance of being revived after what they’ve been through?  I tried feeding them water and miracle gro today, so we’ll see if that helps at all.


2 responses to “My Dehydrated Garden

  1. No idea on the reviving concept. My black thumb means not a clue. Good luck!

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