Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!  Thanks for all that you do!  In celebration, a picture from my wedding last year… do you see any resemblance?

Today is mother’s day, but yesterday was my baby’s 6 month birthday!  I can’t believe we forgot it.  I decided to make a “cake” for her this afternoon – peanut butter and chicken flavored treats in her kong:

We usually have a rule that we do not feed Bailey people food, but peanut butter is the only exception.  When she was younger, the only way we could get her to take her medicine was to put it in a peanut butter ball.  She now has her own jar of peanut butter in the fridge.  She couldn’t wait to get ahold of the kong!

She loved it!

Lunch today was an assortment of the growing pile of leftovers in our fridge:

Pizza and green bean casserole for Pat and El Tiempo rice and chicken salad sandwich for me.  The chicken salad was definitely not good anymore.  I guess I should have realized that the yogurt and miracle whip would not keep.  I dumped the sandwich (what a waste of the sandwich thins!) and had leftover spaghetti instead.

I was sore from yesterday, but thought I would at least get on the treadmill to walk.  Well that got boring fast, so I decided to start running – I was just going to do a mile.  Well then I decided that I wasn’t happy with my 5k time yesterday, so I wanted to try for a faster time.  And I did!  I knocked off 1 min, 5 seconds and finished in 38:25.  And now I feel really sore.  Tomorrow will definitely be a day off.


One response to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thanks for the Mother’s Day thoughts!

    Bailey clearly likes the pb kong! Happy 6 months to her.

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