Tastes Like Chicken

Dinner tonight was fake chicken.  Gardein’s meat-free crispy tenders.  I’m not a vegetarian (like both of my sisters), but it’s nice to take a break from meat every now and then.

It truly tasted like chicken!

I ate mine with pasta sauce.  We also split the last Gardein Sante Fe Good Stuff.  It was a fast and tasty meat-free meal!

I chatted on the phone with my sister while I “cooked” – you can visit her blog here.  She’s an official Buckeye blogger for THE Ohio State University.  Her latest post has an awesome link to the video of a flash mob at the university – even the president was involved!  It was pretty cool to watch.

Did anyone watch Desperate Housewives tonight?  I won’t give anything away, but I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s season finale!  Even Pat admitted tonight that the show is “brilliant” (his words, I swear!).  It’s one of the only non-reality TV shows that I still watch regularly.


One response to “Tastes Like Chicken

  1. You make fake meat look good!

    Glad you caught up with Cara and enjoyed the flash mob video. I thought it was awesome.

    Still haven’t caught the desperate housewives fever!

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