Meat-Free Chili

I was in the mood for a meat-free dinner tonight.  I decided to use what I could find in our pantry to make some vegetarian chili.  Smart Ground Original served as the protein base for our chili.

I cut up some onion and picked out various cans from the pantry to mix in – hominy, black beans and chili-ready tomatoes.  I had asked Pat to pick up some canned corn at the grocery store last week, and he came back with a few cans of hominy.  I had never heard of hominy before (apparently it’s a southern thing?), but I thought we might as well try it.

I sautéed the onions first, with PAM spray and onion & garlic powder.

I then mixed in the canned goods.  Being the klutz I am in the kitchen, I cut my thumb on the can of tomatoes.  I won’t share any pictures, but it wasn’t pretty.

And then the soy crumbles and a pack of low-sodium taco seasoning.

Dinner took a whole 15 minutes or so 🙂  I plugged the ingredients into Calorie Count and it came out around 450 calories for 1/5 of the above ingredients.  It also said our meal had about 20g fiber (whoa!).  I thought it was good as is, but Pat doesn’t like the flavor of the soy crumbles as much as I do.  He added some cheddar cheese and Frank’s Red Hot to his.

Filling and fast to make!  I’ll have to remember this one for a week day dinner.


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