Dinner tonight came from Eat, Live, Run.  On a search for more meat-free meals, I decided to try Jenna’s Kitchen Sink Lentil Soup.  We’ve had dried lentils in our pantry since Pat lived in Iowa (yes, that means they traveled to Texas and sat in our apartment pantry unopened for 8 months).  It was about time we used them!  I set up my computer in the kitchen so I could follow the recipe:

I sauteed the onions and garlic in all the spices.  I didn’t have any tarragon so I substituted with Marjoram.  I added some fresh basil from our garden too.  I also used extra garlic – everything is better with extra garlic.

When I first added the vegetable broth and lentils it looked like this:

But as the lentils simmered, it began to look like this:

It took 40 minutes to simmer.  It was no big deal tonight, but I wouldn’t normally have time to wait during a week night – we’d be starving by that point!  My final product looked different from Jenna’s.

I added some Laughing Cow swiss cheese to some wheat thins. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of this meal when I first started eating it, so I piled it up into the wheat thins to enjoy it.  But the taste really grew on me.  I think it was just different from what I’m used to and from what I expected.  I ended up licking the bowl clean 🙂  And I had plenty of leftovers to pack up for lunch this week!


2 responses to “Lentils

  1. I’m curious. What did Pat think of this?

  2. Well, he had brats with his, but he says he thought it was pretty good 🙂 He’ll eat just about anything I cook!

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