Bailey and the Blueberry

I can’t seem to make a single meal without dropping something, spilling something, or cutting myself.  The casualty tonight?  My sweet, sweet blueberries.  Going into the fridge to pull out the eggs, I knocked the package of blueberries.  Luckily, only about half of them spilled out, but it was still very sad.

We normally don’t feed Bailey any people food, but we thought it would be okay to feed her a blueberry.  Please excuse my fingers, I really wasn’t trying to flip off the camera!

She kept licking at it like she does her ice cubes, picking it up and spitting it back out.  She is so funny!

She eventually ate it, but it took her awhile.

I love my puppy!


One response to “Bailey and the Blueberry

  1. Great pictures! I’m surprised she liked the blueberry. Now, Rags would eat anything, but there was a time she refused a few things. I wonder why it took her a while to eat it. I bet she would like popcorn or pretzels!

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