Mayan Chicken

It was another long day at work.  The fun part of my day was taking a new hire out to lunch.  We went to Cafe Red Onion.  This is one of my favorite lunch spots, but I don’t go very often.  The menu offers unique “Latin Fusion” options.  When you first sit down they bring you chips and salsa… and pineapple salsa.  Oh, the pineapple salsa – it’s so sweet and addicting.

I usually order either the Mayan Chicken Salad or just the Mayan Chicken.  Today I chose the Mayan Chicken:

Fresh boneless chicken breast lightly coated with tortilla crumbs, panfried to a golden brown, served over homemade Queso and laced with fruit relish.  Served with black beans and fried plantains.

The flavors are so rich and the presentation is very colorful.  The chicken was served on top of the queso, and the “fruit relish” was a mango salsa.  The mango with the cheese is an interesting mix, but it works so well together.  The black beans are creamy and the plantains are sweet and crispy on the outside – probably not the healthiest option, but so worth the extra calories.

Due to the fact that it was work lunch and I was meeting someone for the first time, I decided not to bring out my camera at the table 🙂  Instead I used my iPhone to take a picture of the leftovers back at the office – I wouldn’t leave you hanging with no food porn at all!

The portion size is pretty large, so I thought this would be a great lunch for tomorrow.  But, I worked later than I planned, so this became my dinner tonight instead.  Having the same meal for lunch and dinner would normally be boring to me, but I can’t complain tonight!


One response to “Mayan Chicken

  1. The chicken looks good. I’m not big on plantains, but Cara likes them. She ate a lot in Ecuador.

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