Avacato Burger

Yes, I know, the title of my post has a spelling mistake.  Read on…

My work group always goes out to eat together on Thursdays.  Today we decided to try a place that was new for most of us – Christian’s Tailgate.  I’d heard that they have the “best burgers in Houston” so I had high expectations for this place.  We went to the one on Washington.

First impressions were a little uneasy.  It definitely has a dive bar feel, which I wasn’t expecting.  I’m not sure what I was expecting.  I had been to the location in Midtown (for drinks) so I guess I had pictured something more like that.  Thanks to the iPhone, this is what I saw:

Notice the tiny deer’s head above the door there?  So did I.  You order at the bar, so I picked up a menu to decide what I wanted.  I went with the 1/3 lb burger (the smallest option) meal.  I ordered it with onions, American cheese and avocado.  They had so many options for burger toppings.  One of my coworkers actually ordered eggs on the burger.  I’ve never heard of that combination before!

After ordering we searched for seats.  There was one table available by a window and there were flies everywhere.  It was ridiculous.  I hate bugs.  And then I noticed the spelling on my receipt:

Yep – Avacatos.  I guess $8.82 is not bad for a burger with 2 extras (including avocados), fries and a drink.  Waiting for the food, I was a little weary.  But then they called #851 and my food was ready.  It made everything so much better.

It was so, so good.  I added ketchup, but it probably would have been good with mayo too.  I loved the avocado slices on the burger – definitely the best burger I have had in Houston.  I was hoping the fries would be thin and crispy – I don’t like potatoes or anything that tastes or feels too much like a potato.  But my coworkers raved about them.  Instead I snacked on a few of someone else’s onion rings 🙂

Lunch was good, but it was a lot of food – and that was the smallest burger on the menu!  I knew I should have stopped after eating half of it, but it was just so good – I couldn’t leave a single bite.

What’s your favorite burger joint?


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