Breakfast Burrito

Egg burritos have become a common weekend breakfast for us.  I started today’s by chopping up some veggies:  red bell pepper, onion and green bell pepper.

Sauteed with a little bit of Smart Balance Light.

And then I add the eggs.  3 whole eggs for Pat, 3 egg whites for me.  I added a bit of skim milk and pepper to both of ours.  Pat’s mom always makes her eggs with butter,  milk and pepper – they are amazing, and I try to replicate them, but it never tastes the same!

I use Flat Out Flatbread for our egg burritos.

I usually then spread Laughing Cow Swiss cheese on the wrap.  I decided to instead give Weight Watchers’ version a try this time.  It was cheaper at the grocery store, and it looked like it would be the same thing.  After tasting it, I definitely like Laughing Cow better.  This might sound silly, but I don’t like real swiss cheese – and the WW version tasted more like real swiss cheese, while LC has more of a cream cheese taste to it.

I added the cheese, a layer of spinach, and then the eggs.  Instead of the swiss, I put sharp cheddar cheese on Pat’s.

All rolled up, it turns into this:



2 responses to “Breakfast Burrito

  1. This sounds like something I would like. Thanks for the tip about the difference between laughing cow and WW on the cheese. I love my cheese, but healthier would be great.

  2. I’ll make it for you next time you visit! If you like swiss cheese, I think you’d like the WW version better – it probably tastes a little more like “real” cheese.

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