Austin is for Lovers

What an eventful day!  As I mentioned in my post before, it started out slow – and not so good.  First, I dropped my iPhone while trying to hold Bailey on her leash – and I cracked the outer glass.  I was (and still am) so upset, I’m not even going to show a picture.  Pat thinks we might still have a warranty that includes accidental damage… I’m crossing my fingers.  And trying not to think about it.

Then, on our drive to Austin, we got stopped in backed up traffic for about half an hour.  As we got closer, we saw lots of police cars.  You can’t see in this pic (and I didn’t take any once I saw what was going on), but it looked like a truck with a lot of items in its bed had dropped all its items into the road.  There was a second truck that was on a tow truck, which had been completely smashed in from the top – we think it must have flipped over.  It makes me so mad when people drive with so much loose stuff in their truck bed – and really nervous.  This is why it’s so important to avoid being behind those trucks.

And then… I got a migraine.  I was lucky and had just 1 dose of my migraine meds & 1 ibuprofen pill.  Migraines are the worst because I never know how long they are going to last or whether my medicine will help much or not.  Pat pulled over at a gas station so he could get me some water to take my meds.  I slept for the next 40 minutes in the car until we got to Austin.

We checked in at the hotel first so I could sleep a little longer.  The best cure for my migraines is sleep.  I slept about an hour and was still just feeling s0-s0, but I was so excited to be in Austin and it was already 3 PM, so we decided to head out anyway.  It was time to turn our day around!  Our first stop was South Congress Avenue.  We had heard it was a trendy area with good food and interesting shops.

We stopped for some New York style pizza at Home Slice.

Everyone seemed very laid back here – the staff were laughing while one of them was throwing some dough to make a pie, and cut a whole right through the middle.

They have pizza by the slice options until 6:30 PM and then again after 9:30 PM.  Since it was a late lunch for us, we ordered by the slice.  Pat ordered 2 slices of pepperoni pizza.  You probably can’t read it, but the pizza boxes behind him say “In crust we trust.”

I ordered a slice of the White Pie with Spinach – olive oil, garlic, ricotta and mozzarella.

Just look at those piles of ricotta!  Romano’s pizza in Houston has my favorite NY style pizza… but it was hard to compare the two since I ordered a specialty slice.  I love thin crust pizza, and this was really good.  It could have maybe used just a little bit more garlic – but I really love garlic.

After lunch we walked around.  We were especially fascinated by the store Uncommon Objects.

It had lots of old odds and ends.  It was filled with antiques, and although their website says they are not a museum, it felt a little like a museum – filled with mini “rooms” that were coordinated by color and design.  Unfortunately, they had a no pictures rule, but I really wish I could have photographed the inside.  A lot of the trinkets reminded me of my grandparents’ old house, filled with items they had collected over the years.  It was comforting in a way.

After wandering around awhile, I really wanted to try this cupcake stand I had heard about – Hey Cupcake!  It was a little trailer with a large revolving cupcake on top.  The menu was short, but it was a tough choice.  I went with the “Sweetberry” – a strawberry cream cheese top and strawberry cake.

Pat and I devoured the cupcake so quickly, I didn’t even get a chance to snap a picture of it in its full form.  So here is what you get instead:

Guess who doesn’t love sweets but ate most of it??  After South Congress we ventured over to the original Whole Foods.  I guess it wasn’t anything too special, but two people had recommended we see it, and it was huge!  I raided the bulk bins a bit – way more options than our local Kroger.  But there is a Whole Foods in Houston, we just don’t drive that far very often for groceries.

After the grocery store we stopped by Town Lake.  We didn’t have the right shoes on, but walked along the river (or lake?) for a little bit and took some pictures.

We then drove around Austin for awhile – it actually felt kind of small compared to Houston.  We drove around the (empty) UT campus just to see it, and then headed back to the hotel for some rest before dinner.  It was a rough start to our day, but nothing a little pizza and cupcakes couldn’t fix 🙂


3 responses to “Austin is for Lovers

  1. Wow – nice long post! I’m so sorry about your iphone and I’ll be interested to hear what apple says about it. does it still work?
    I”m also sorry you got a migraine and hope that is all better now. It sounds like you got to enjoy some Austin life anyway.
    The pizza looked good – at least Pat’s did. The cupcakes looked great. That is a unique idea for a stand.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Austin.

    • The phone still works… it just has a few cracks toward the bottom of the screen. The screen looks fine, it’s just the outer glass that is cracked.

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