Road Trip

We’re on our way to Austin! I’m blogging from the road. It was a last minute decision to go but we decided we should take advantage of the three day weekend. We got off to a slow start. And I didn’t want to leave Bailey… See the picture below for where she is staying this weekend.

We bought her 1 on 1 play packages with the staff twice a day while we are gone. They also have what they call the Bone Booth where we can all and talk to Bailey! We have never boarded her before.

After dropping Bailey off we stopped for some Starbucks on the road. I ordered oatmeal with nuts and brown sugar and a caramel light frappucino.

See you in Austin!


2 responses to “Road Trip

  1. I’m sure Baily will be fine and will enjoy her play sessions. How was she when you left her? Rags was sad and scared when we dropped her off.

    • She seemed okay when we left her, just a little nervous. The guy was trying to drag her back to her room, and she wasn’t going, but then another staffer walked through the door she was heading to, and she went to make friends. She seemed really curious about all the other people and dogs. I’m going to call today to see how she’s doing 🙂

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