The Hula Hut

I was too exhausted last night to even think about blogging my dinner before bed.  That was because it was about 11:30 PM when we got home (yes, I turn into a grandma sometimes).  We went to Hula Hut for dinner last night, another recommendation from friends.  It is a “Mexonesian” restaurant – a combination of Mexican and Polynesian.  It sits right on Lake Austin, which I’m sure would have been a beautiful view if it wasn’t pitch black while we were there.  We ended up going around 9:00 PM since we weren’t hungry after our late lunch, and figured the place wouldn’t be so packed.  They don’t take reservations or call-ahead.

Thanks to the bugs that had been eating us all day, we chose to eat inside.  The hostess told us it was going to be an hour and 20 – 30 minute wait.  Normally we would just go somewhere else, but we were already set on this place, and it was already after 9:00, so we headed to the bar instead.  They had chips and salsa for us to snack on while we waited.  The salsa was the most spicy salsa I have ever had at a restaurant!  There were seeds in it.  I couldn’t eat it, so I snacked on plain tortilla chips.

Don’t you love the table pattern?  We actually got sat after only 45 minutes or so – it was already after 10:00 PM at that point.  Looking at the menu, the stuffed avocado looked amazing… but it had chicken in it.  I asked the server if I could order it with no chicken, but they were already pre-made.  Instead, I ordered the Mango Poblano Chile Quesadillas – fresh mango, poblano chiles and cream cheese.  The server asked, “do you want to add chicken to that?”  Not even thinking I replied, “No, thanks.”  Pat said, “I think he was joking.”  I’m so used to that being a serious question.

The food came out super fast, definitely less than 5 minutes from when we ordered it.  The kitchen staff must have been ready to leave for the night.  My quesadillas were really good, but I could only eat two.  The cream cheese reminded me of really good crab rangoon from Chinese restaurants, and the mango was a nice add.  I wasn’t in the mood for anything too spicy (and the salsa had me scared), so I picked off most of the chiles.

The server came by about the time I was snapping this picture, to see how we liked our food.  Which we clearly had not touched yet.  He asked, “Are you taking pictures of your food?”  Yes… yes, we were.  Pat was even getting into it, and took a picture of his meal for me.

Pat ordered the Steak Tubular Taco.  Yes, that is a taco, not an enchilada or a burrito.  He said the sauce was amazing.  We tried to walk along the water after dinner, but it was too dark to see much more than some swampy looking water by the docks.  It was a late night, but worth the wait.


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