Birthday Girl!

After lots of excitement this weekend (and another 2 hour nap this afternoon), I was feeling much better and ready to celebrate.  Pat and I decided to try an Indian restaurant for dinner tonight.  Shiva Indian in Rice Village.  We were so impressed!

We loved the decor.  They ushered us to a booth – it felt more private than other restaurants and it was really comfy.  The staff were all so nice and attentive.  I wouldn’t drink more than three sips of water before my glass was refilled.  Pat ordered a lamb dish and I ordered Shiva’s Delight – a vegetarian sampler.

The fried item on the right is a samosa – filled with potato.  The orange sauce was really spicy, but almost a little sweet – another potato dish.  There was a cheesy spinach mix, the lentils and beans, rice pudding and yogurt.  Even the spinach was extra spicy.  It was very good, but my nose was running from the spice.  This was the best Indian food I have had in a long time!  The company was good too 🙂

We had a pile of leftovers to take home with us.  But our mouths were still on fire, and it was my birthday dinner, so we stopped at Ben & Jerry’s on the way home.  Pat had a strawberry lemonade shake and I had the vanilla with heath bar crunch.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


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