Couscous, House Projects & SATC

I’m going to work backwards and start with dinner tonight.  I tried the Cherry Tomato Couscous from 101 cookbooks.  It was simple to make and tasted pretty good.  I used basil to season and added extra feta cheese.  I tried to follow the recipe pretty closely.

It didn’t take very long to make, which would make it a good choice for a week night meal.  It also didn’t require too many dishes – 1 pot to cook the couscous and 1 bowl to mix everything together.  Even better!  I might add more veggies next time, but it was good with the current mix.

I went to see Sex and the City 2 this morning.  I thought it was really good – exactly what I was expecting.  Lots of crazy & gorgeous outfits, hats, purses, shoes… lots of laugh out loud moments… and a classic SATC story line.  I’m glad I got to go see it with some girl friends because Pat had no interest in this one.

While I was out to the movies, Pat worked on fixing the weather-stripping on our back door.  He also worked on laundry while I was gone – I’m a lucky girl!  The weather-stripping was a lengthy project.  Bailey really wanted to help her daddy but she kept getting in the way 🙂

No more rain coming into our house to ruin our wood floors – yay!


2 responses to “Couscous, House Projects & SATC

  1. Glad you got door fixed, but sad you saw SATC without me! I don’t think I will get to see it in the theater. Pat is becoming quite handy. I am impressed!

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