Dinner for Three

Bailey was sick today.  We woke up this morning around 4 AM when she was barking her head off.  I nudged Pat and said, “I think someone is breaking into the house.  Bailey is going nuts.”  He responded, “she probably just saw a bug or a lizard.  Go back to sleep.”  So we went back to sleep.  We should have gotten out of bed and let her out when she asked.

I called my parents to see what we should do.  I was ready to run her to the vet, but wasn’t sure if it was necessary.  My dad suggested Kaopectate – he said our vet back home recommended it for our dogs, so I figured it was safe.  She loved the vanilla flavor 🙂  My parents also recommended white rice.  So I cooked for Bailey first tonight.  I cooked the rice in 1 cup water and 1 cup chicken broth (yes, that’s right – I won’t use the chicken broth for me or Pat, but Bailey gets to eat meat).  Rice and kibble coming right up!

Wow, was she excited.  I swear she knew the food was for her when I was cooking it – she hung around the stove while the rice boiled and looked at me with her hungry eyes.  She couldn’t wait to dig in!

I think she liked it.


Don’t tell her I posted that one.  A girl’s gotta clean her chops.

With the puppy fed, it was a quick dinner for me and Pat.  We discovered Madras Lentils at Costco back in March and have been craving them ever since.

They are so tasty and good for you – AND they are fast.  They only take 90 seconds in the microwave and you’re good to go.  They are just a little spicy and only 300 calories for an entire pack.  They’re also on the creamy side, which makes them perfect for dipping my sandwich thins.

SO glad to have these back in my life!


5 responses to “Dinner for Three

  1. Sounds good! I’ve mostly had the Amy’s lentil soups and whatnot, and they’re pretty tasty. I’ll have to try those out (are they vegan?)

    • I haven’t tried Amy’s lentil soups – I will look for those! The Madras Lentils are not vegan… cream and butter are listed in the ingredients.

  2. i think ur dog eats better than me
    lol hehe ❤

  3. I hope Baily is feeling better now. Glad she liked the rice, and hope you get some good sleep. Rags is waking us up most nights, and we know we have to get up with her!

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