Candelari’s Pizzeria

Lunch today was Candelari’s Pizzaria.  They had a buffet option, and I was debating whether to do it.  I was looking over the options, trying to decide if there were enough vegetarian choices to make it worth it.  Chicken noodle soup – no.  Salad – yes.  Pasta and pizza options… there was one vegetable pizza but it looked like it had broccoli and mushrooms, so no good for me.  I asked the cashier if the second pasta dish had meat.  She said no, and asked if I was a vegetarian.  She then recommended their Spinaci pizza – spinach, tomatoes, basil and feta cheese.  Now that sounded good.  She told me she would ask them to put in one of those, and so I ordered the buffet – $11 including drink.

I started with a salad (they were already put together in bowls) with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, cucumber salad and pasta with veggies.

The salad and vinaigrette dressing were the best thing on the plate.  I didn’t like the cucumber salad, and the pasta was just okay.  The veggies in the pasta were cooked well, but it was nothing special.  Then the Spinaci pizza came out.

This was pretty good.  Maybe a little too greasy, but the tomatoes were flavored nicely, and I loved the thin garlic slices.  I wouldn’t rate this high on my pizza list, but it was good for a lunch buffet.

Finally, dessert.  I was curious about what exactly the dessert was… looks were deceiving.  The middle item was a cross between a big fluffy chocolate chip cookie and scone, but was too dry and not sweet enough to be either.  And yet, I actually really liked it.  The item on the right looked like fudge.  And I was told it was fudge.  But as one of my lunch mates put it, it was much more like a flourless chocolate cake.  It was much too dry to be fudge, and not sweet enough either.

And don’t you love the strawberry rose??  I will have to remember this presentation next time I serve strawberries.  I couldn’t get over how cool it looked!  And the strawberry was excellent with the so-called chocolate fudge.

All in all it was a good lunch, but $11 seemed a little expensive for this buffet.  $8-10 would have been much more reasonable 🙂

What restaurant has your favorite buffet?


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