Outlet Shopping & The Ugly

Apparently the World Cup is on this weekend?  While the guys headed to a bar to watch the US game, the girls went shopping.  Outlet shopping at the Houston Premium Outlets.  Although it was hot out, it was a successful day of shopping!  Successful = many bags.

One of my goals today was to find black work heels to replace the beat up Kenneth Cole Reaction heels I have been wearing since May 2006.  Yes, I have worn the same black work heels since my first HR internship back in 2006.  It was time to move on.  I bought Nine West Oaks.  At the outlet store they were $50 (+ 25% off).  Had I waited until I got home to check online (or really, pulled out my iPhone), I would have seen that they are on sale on their website for only $30.

Source:  Nine West

I got a few tops at Banana Republic & Ann Taylor Loft, a pair of grey peep-toe flats from Aldo, and my shopping partner’s birthday gift to me – a Coach key chain.  I am a little Coach obsessed.  It’s probably not healthy.

After a long day, we got home around 8pm and decided to order some pizza from Spaghetti Western.  One of our favorite pizzas is “The Ugly” – grilled chicken, red onions, roma tomatoes and spicy chipotle tomatillo sauce.  I called to order it with half chicken / half no chicken.  We have never actually been to Spaghetti Western – we’ve always ordered delivery.

The guy on the phone informed me that their delivery driver had to go home sick tonight.  I was disappointed until he asked if I could be willing to pick it up if they gave me a discount on the pizza.  Well we had to eat – I said of course, without asking how much it would be.  He gave me half off the pizza!!  There really is a lot to be said for good customer service.

I was a little surprised when we got there.  It looked like half restaurant / half dive bar.  The people were really nice there.  The bartender grabbed my pizza and said, “thanks for coming to pick it up darlin’!”  It would be fun to actually go and eat there sometime!

The Ugly is a wonderful pizza.  The tomatillo sauce gives it just enough of a kick, and the veggies are really good.  The crust is thin but the outside dough is thick and buttery.  My only complaint is that the crust is too greasy – it makes my hands feel oily.  But it tastes so good.

So worth the drive to pick it up!


2 responses to “Outlet Shopping & The Ugly

  1. Thank YOu for posting this helpful Information about “Outlet Shopping & The Ugly”. I like it. just keep on posting. 🙂

  2. I LOVE SPAGHETTI WESTERN. I’m so sad I live outside of the delivery area. In fact, I didn’t know they ever delivered.

    I needed to show someone my favorite pizza, so thanks for posting a pic 🙂

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