Green Eggs, No Ham

We were out of milk still this morning, which meant no cereal, no pancakes, no waffles, no green monsters and no eggs.  Without many choices, we decided to brave the Sunday crowds and go out for brunch in Houston.  Real brunch this time – meaning not Ihop or Denny’s.  We have been wanting to try Baby Barnaby’s for awhile now.  We love Barnaby’s Cafe, and heard that the Baby version has a good breakfast menu.

I used this as an opportunity to “dress up” in my new outlet finds.  T-shirt from Banana Republic and shoes from Aldo.  I refer to these my “t-shirt flats” which Pat thinks is very strange.  But the grey color and material remind me of an old t-shirt.  The jeans (Old Navy) are old.

There was a wait for a table, as we expected.  Even though it was hot and sticky out, we asked for the first available, inside or outside.  That would make us jump from number 10 to number 2 in line for a table outside.  At least they had water (and coffee) available while we waited… which ended up being only 5 minutes.

The menu at Baby Barnaby’s is just as colorful as the decorations at adult Barnaby’s.

I ordered the Green Eggs:  2 scrambled eggs with spinach, artichoke hearts and jack cheese, served with chicken apple sausage (I substituted for the veggie sausage), potatoes (I substituted for fresh fruit) and wheat toast.  All for just $8.

Pat makes fun of me because whenever we go out to eat, it seems like I am always making a ton of substitutions for my order.  But I’ve found that it’s easy to make healthier choices by asking for subs like veggies instead of fries or fruit instead of heavy potatoes (which I really don’t even like).  And I was excited to see that they offered a veggie substitute for breakfast meat.  Which you can’t see in this picture because it’s hiding under the toast.

The green eggs were amazing.  The best eggs I have had in a long time.  It almost tasted like they had cream cheese in them.  It was similar to spinach dip, but not quite as rich, and it was really good in the eggs.  I am so glad I tried these!  I couldn’t finish all that food.  It felt like we were sitting in a sauna, and I just never feel hungry when it’s that hot outside.  But I did finish all the eggs 🙂

What’s your favorite egg dish?


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  1. Great blog. And I really super admire u for doing C25K.

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