Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I’m behind on my weekend, but that is because my family is in town!  My parents and youngest sister, Cara, are visiting from Ohio.  It’s been so fun to have them here!  With so much to catch up on, I’m going to start with yesterday for now. 

We had a late lunch/breakfast at home.  Cara helped me cook for everyone.  We made an egg wrap for my mom.  Starting with the veggies:  onion and yellow & orange bell pepper.  My mom likes her veggies raw!

We used a flatout wrap and garlic & herb Laughing Cow cheese.  My mom said it was really good!

For me and Cara (who is also a vegetarian), we made the Italian Couscous & Beans.  I know I just made this a few days ago, but it was a good recipe to share with my sister, a college student looking for easy recipes.  I made it the same way as last time, except that I left out the carrots and added orange & yellow bell pepper and onion.  Instead of grinding them up in the magic bullet, we sautéed them in some olive oil and added them into the couscous.  It came out even better than the first batch!

In the evening, we went to the Astros vs. Rangers game at Minute Maid Park.  This was my first baseball game of the season.  Although I really don’t watch any sports on TV, I enjoy going to most sports events… but baseball is my favorite.

I really like Minute Maid Park.  Especially the fact that it has a dome and is always air-conditioned 🙂  We had some of my favorite seats last night – 2nd row in the upper deck, right behind home plate.  I feel like you have the best view there – you can see the Minute Maid train that runs along a track, you can see the entire scoreboard, and you can see wherever the ball goes.  Plus, you’re really not that high up, so you can see what is happening as the pitches come in.  And the price of these seats is usually not too bad, compared to seats that are lower down but further into the outfield.

Ballpark food for vegetarians… we should have packed some snacks.  I got a “personal cheese pizza” from Papa John’s ($8 for what is basically one slice of pizza) and Cara got some nachos.  We shared both.

We also enjoyed some ice cream later in the game.  Cara had cookies n’ cream with sprinkles and I had buttered pecan (not butter pecan… a southern thing?) – both in pink helmet cups!  Melted ice cream is my favorite 🙂  This is what happens when you impose a rule that no one can eat until you’ve taken your picture…

Me and Cara… don’t mind our hair.  Even in the A/C it was still pretty hot and humid there!

The game was pretty much over in the 3rd inning, when the Rangers scored 6 runs.  Yikes.

In the 6th inning, the Astors scored 3 runs.  It wasn’t enough to win (they lost 9-3), but at least it gave us something to cheer about!  Go Astros!!  I’m still a Reds fan first, but I’m feeling more attached to my new home team 🙂

After the game, we saw a restaurant in the stadium named after my dad… time to stop for a photo!

After the game there were Friday Night Fireworks.  They opened the dome to prepare for the fireworks show.  We moved down to the first deck to watch the show.  I was really impressed – it lasted through several rock songs, a lot longer than I was expecting!

I love fireworks!!


2 responses to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. It was all great! How much fun we had, and how well we ate!

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