Ballpark Tour

Saturday morning with the family started with a nice long outdoor run with my sister.  I am usually not an outdoor runner – I actually prefer the treadmill (which = A/C), and it gets pretty hot in Texas.  According to my pedometer, we ran 2.28 miles in 26 minutes.  Not bad considering I haven’t been doing a lot of running without walking breaks!  After almost being attacked by a dog off his leash, we made it home – nice and sweaty:

After our run, I made my mom and Cara a green monster.  They tried a berry flavored one on Friday, but this one had:

  • Light vanilla soy milk
  • Almond butter
  • Oatmeal
  • Flaxseed
  • Chocolate chips
  • Splenda
  • Ice

These were a hit!  Very filling, too.  After finishing our shakes, we  headed back to Minute Maid Park for a tour of the ballpark.  We weren’t exactly sure where we were going and hit some traffic on the way, so we got there right as the tour was starting.

Side note – two years ago (Summer 2008), I was the Sonic fan of the game.  I won a $25 gift card to Sonic and had a chance to win $25,000 – if only the Astros had scored a grand slam in the 6th inning.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure that our tour guide yesterday was the same woman who picked me to be fan of the game!

The tour was awesome.  We started in the upper decks, where we had a great view of the empty ball park.

Next we got to visit the corporate suites.  They were pretty swanky, but I didn’t like the view with the overhang in the way.

I was fascinated with the carpet in the suite level 🙂

Next we visited the media room.  It was filled with books with tons of baseball trivia to help with the games they play throughout the games.

Next up we visited the Diamond Club.  Also very swanky.

How much do diamond seats cost?  Only a deposit of $28,000 for your first season.  And you have to buy two seats.  Maybe some day…

The diamond club leads you out right behind home plate.  We got to pass by the Bush’s seats and head out onto the field.

Great backdrop for a family photo!

We got to go in the Astros dugout – very cool!

We got to walk all along the outside track (the “warning track”) of the field.  It’s called the warning track because it gives the players a warning that they’re about to hit a steel wall or flip into the crowd once they enter the track.  We weren’t allowed to walk on the grass – or even “look at it funny.”  It’s from Argentina and only needs a little water and a few hours of sunshine a day to stay healthy.  Isn’t it pretty?

One of my favorite parts of the tour was that we got to go behind the scenes where they post the scores of other ball games.  At Minute Maid Park, it’s all done by hand – about four people per game update the scores manually.  You could poke your head out and see the field – and I did!

The tour was interesting, but we were tired and ready for some lunch once we were done.  We went to Romano’s Pizza for lunch.  They have the best pizza in Houston.  Seriously.  I don’t know if it’s the cheese or the somewhat sweet sauce or the thin but doughy crust, but it is addicting.  True NY pizza – and that comes from my dad, who grew up on Long Island.  I would eat this stuff every day if I could!

You don’t need anything other than cheese with pizza this good!  I’ve also tried the chicken parmesan and meatball sandwiches in the past – everything at Romano’s is great.  I just wish they delivered!


3 responses to “Ballpark Tour

  1. Great and very interesting tour! Thanks for arranging it. I will say, Houston is HOT and very humid – and so was New Orleans. Can you work on that?

  2. Sure, I’ll see what we can do – does this mean you’re at least considering a move?? 😉

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