The Proposal

Our 1st anniversary is coming up on June 27th.  I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!  Time has really flown by.  In honor of our anniversary, I am doing a 7 part series on our wedding.  I love weddings, and I’m excited to have an excuse to reflect back on a wonderful period of our life.  Each day leading up to our anniversary I am going to post about one aspect of our wedding/planning.  So I’ll start with the proposal!

Pat proposed on May 2, 2008.  Even though we had been talking about marriage (we had been dating for over 4 years), he still managed to surprise me!  At the time, we were dating long distance.  Pat was working in Iowa and I was going to grad school in Minneapolis.  He was supposed to visit me that weekend, but wasn’t supposed to get in until late that evening because he had to work that day and it was a 5.5 hour drive to see me. 

My roommates were in on it.  I was shopping all afternoon, and one of my roommates suggested we meet up for dinner.  After dinner, we went to drop her boyfriend off, and I wanted to go inside to play with his dog.  She said that was fine, but we had to be quick because she had errands to run.  On the way home, she told me she was going to drop me off because she needed to go to the grocery store.  I offered to go with her, telling her I still had 2-3 hours before Pat would be there, and she said no thanks, she was going to go back over to her boyfriend’s place.  So, she dropped me off by myself.

Going up the back stairs to our apartment, there were 2-3 flower petals, but I didn’t think anything of them.  My roommate had gotten flowers the week before, and I thought she must have dropped a few petals on her way down to the trash to throw them away.  When I got to the top of the stairs, the door to our apartment was open.  It was dark inside, and knowing neither of my roommates were home, I was nervous.  I called out, “Hello?” but no one answered.  I almost didn’t go inside, afraid someone had broken in!  So, I kicked the door open (my hands were full with shopping bags, leftovers, an umbrella, and my bag from school), and this is what I saw:

The picture frame is digital, and it showed a slideshow of pictures of us – from when we first started dating, fun times during undergrad, our trip to Europe, up to his first visit to see me in Minneapolis.  The picture he had up was from a college formal, and it is my favorite picture of us.  After seeing this, I had some idea of what was going on.  I dropped my stuff and walked into the apartment, just stunned.  There were rose petals and candles leading down the hall to my bedroom:

My bedroom was so beautiful.  My roommates had helped Pat clean it up earlier in the day (I was going to clean it when I got home that night, thinking I had a few hours before Pat would be in… really, I really was!).  There were rose petals and candles everywhere.  There were a dozen roses with glitter sprayed on them.  There was a box of Belgian chocolate (Pat and I spent our 3 year anniversary in Brussels, and had gone to a chocolate factory).  There was a bottle of Dom Perignon.  And there was Pat.  I was so shocked, I was shaking.  I started hugging and kissing him, but he made me stand back so he could do his formal proposal.  His speech as very thought out and sweet, and he became emotional too.  Of course I said yes!!

My room…

My roommate was waiting downstairs the whole time.  After the proposal, Pat called her back upstairs to take pictures for us.  I couldn’t stop smiling…

Clearly I was not expecting a proposal at this moment… don’t mind the sweatshirt/hair/almost no makeup…

The funny thing is, I think I may have been wearing this same sweatshirt the first night we met.  We couldn’t wait to get married!


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