Back to Marini’s

Marini’s Empanada House was so much fun the first time, I thought it would be a great place to take my family Saturday night.  It’s something just a little different.  And the people there are so friendly – it feels good to support a family business like this one.

After placing our order, we bought a pitcher of sangria to share.  It was nice and fruity with granny smith apples floating on top.

I started with a Humita empanada – corn, cream sauce, onions, mozzarella, provolone and spices.  It was a little like the center of a pot pie, but with no meat.  I really liked the corn – I liked this one better than the Spinach one I tried last time.

I ordered the Avocado again.  This is definitely my favorite veggie empanada.  Please note that nothing beats the dessert empanadas – not even avocado.

For my dessert empanada I tried the Patty all the Way.  It was chocolate, dulce de leche and warm cream cheese – so amazing.  This was such a good place to bring my family!

After dinner we went to the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony.  We used to live right next to this, so it’s a place we always take out of town visitors.  About 300,000 Mexican free-tailed bats live under this bridge.  And every night they come out at sunset to feed on 5,000 lbs of bugs.  You’d think with that colony right next to you there wouldn’t be a single mosquito in sight.  I wish that was the case.

People gather on and around the bridge just before sunset.  I’m always impressed by the crowd that comes out to watch the bat.  A lot of people bring their dogs.  We took Bailey, but she was much more interested in the other people than the other dogs, or even the bats.

The bats always fly in different directions depending on the night, but they fly together.  Some nights it looks like a steady black stream in the sky as the fly away.  Saturday night was kind of light on the bats, but it was still pretty cool.  Can you see them?

It was so cool, I took a video – they can be kind of hard to see, but look closely!


3 responses to “Back to Marini’s

  1. We all loved the empanadas (and sangria!), and we wish there was a place like that around here. It was fantastic and is definately on our list for when we return. Romanos better watch out!

  2. LOL, you’re going to need to start spending an entire week here each time you visit so we can hit all the best food places – I’m sure we’ll have even more places to take you next time you come!

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