More Planning & Bridal Shower

Wedding recap part 3…

In October 2008, I attempted my first DIY project.  I found instructions on a blog for painting your monogram on the aisle runner and I thought it would be a nice touch (you can find the original instructions on Road to the Aisle).  I’m not very crafty, but this seemed easy enough.  I started by creating our monogram using Microsoft Publisher.  To create my monogram:

  • The font I used was Edwardian Script ITC.  
  • Create each piece of the monogram as an individual text box and drag them around until you are happy with how it looks.
  • Group each individual piece (by holding the “ctrl” key) and save it as a picture (jpeg). 
  • Change the page settings to 3 x 3 feet (or 36 x 36 inches).
  • Drag the picture until it takes up the whole page and click print.

Next, I had to tape the pages together.

This was clearly difficult and tedious work.

All taped up:

Next I measured my aisle runner out.  The aisle at the chapel was 56 feet, so I measured 50 feet, and that’s where I put the monogram.  I then taped the aisle runner to the table and traced it onto my runner with a pencil.  My runner material was called “poly linen” because one side is plastic and the other feels more like cloth.  Turns out it’s the plastic side that faces up when you walk on it.

I then started painting with acrylic paints, working on the “C” in the middle first.

Then I worked on the black lettering – here is the finished product!

It turned out great at the wedding.  Since I had to roll it up to store it after finishing the painting, I was worried about the paint cracking.  But I had nothing to worry about.  Several guests commented that it was a nice detail, and it made the walk down the aisle that much more special.  At the wedding:

I also found my shoes in October – at Payless, while looking for ankle boots.  They were white sandals with a small heel, so they seemed perfect for a summer day that was going to involve a lot of standing.

My bridal shower was December 27, 2008 – exactly 6 months before the wedding.  It was a little early, but we had it right after the holidays while many of the guests and I were home in Ohio.  My mom’s friend and my maid of honor hosted the party  It was so much fun!  They put  a lot of work into the details, and I really appreciated all that they did.  Here are some of the details – let’s start with the food!

They incorporated the black and white theme of our wedding and even had my monogram on the plates.  When everyone arrived, they had to put on name tags with their name and an acronym indicating how they knew me (there were a lot of people there who didn’t know each other).

There was also a wall of postcards with quotes about love and marriage.  The hostess asked that everyone write me advice or some message, and she then mailed me a postcard each month leading up to the wedding.  That was such a cool idea, and I enjoyed receiving each postcard in the mail.  They had some games going while I opened presents, and we also played Project Runway – Bridal Edition with toilet paper.  My mother-in-law and maid of honor were both models 🙂

Me and my mom.

Me and my maid of honor and the beautiful rehearsal bouquet she made.

It was such a fun day!


2 responses to “More Planning & Bridal Shower

  1. What a wonderful team event your wedding was! You know, you really could be a great wedding planner – especially with brides like you who are definately NOT bridzillas!

  2. Thanks mom – I still think it would be fun to plan weddings!

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