Bailey’s Rug

Because of Bailey’s leg twitch (from distemper as a puppy), she has a hard time on our wood floors downstairs.  She’s always slipping and sliding around.  It doesn’t seem to bother her – fall after fall, she gets right back up – but we wanted to put a rug in our living room to help  her get some traction.  It took us forever to pick one out (translation: to agree on a rug), but Pat and I finally found something we loved.

We took advantage of my parent’s van to transport the rug home from Lowe’s this past weekend.  The thing about Lowe’s is, if your rug is not in stock, shipping is free.  But if they have your rug sitting in the store, no matter how big it is, shipping costs $70. 

And of course, we had to buy a rug pad to put down under the rug.  It was $50 just for a piece of rubber to go under the rug!

We wanted a rug that had some burgundy/maroon in it, to tie in the dining room (since our living room and dining room are really one big open room), but also some navy to tie in our living room furniture.  Pat was leaning toward more oriental rugs, and I was leaning toward rugs that were plain, just one or two solid colors.  I think we found a good compromise in this rug – it has some design details, but it’s more modern and it fits the two rooms.

We still need to scotch guard the rug to protect against Bailey trying to mark her new territory.  Also, to protect against me dropping whatever food or drink I might choose to spill on our brand new rug.  After we do that we’ll move our furniture back to where it goes.

Bailey loves her new rug!


One response to “Bailey’s Rug

  1. The rug looks beautiful in your house! Bailey, I’m sure, appreciates the wonderful colors in addition to the nice feel of the rug. It is nice to see how it looks on site.

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