Last Minute Planning & Rehearsal

Wedding recap part 4…

The several weeks leading up to my wedding were so much fun.  Honestly, not only was our wedding day the best day of my life, but the weeks leading up to it made the best month ever.  It was filled with last minute planning with family and friends, my bachelorette party and our wedding rehearsal.

We had a paper construction party to put together all the paper goods for our wedding.  My mom has some very crafty friends who helped to design and create our programs, name card boxes for the dinner, water bottle labels for the welcome packages and the pew decorations.

We were swimming in all the paper.  The boxes I am stuffing were used as name cards for the reception dinner.  Each person got a box with different color tissue paper, which was used to indicate to the servers which meal each person ordered.  White = chicken, black = beef, silver = vegetarian and zebra print = kid’s meal.

I absolutely loved how our programs turned out.

And the water bottles.

And the big bows for our pew decorations.

It was hard work but a lot of fun!

We held another party to put together our flowers.  We bought mini calla lilies from a local wholesaler.  They offered assistance to teach us how to build the bouquets and boutonnieres, and then we made them ourselves.

It was so hot that day!

I was impressed with how all of our flowers came out, having never done something like that before!

The week before the wedding, my maid of honor threw me an awesome bachelorette party in downtown Cincinnati.  It was so much fun!

I love this picture of my sisters and I from the party.

It was a great night… many thanks to my maid of honor for all the work and planning she did!

Before I knew it, it was time for the rehearsal!

The flurry of the wedding weekend began at the rehearsal.  A lot of family and friends who were coming in from out of town came to the rehearsal and I was floating between greeting people I hadn’t seen for awhile and concentrating on what we needed to do the following day.  It felt unreal.

We held our rehearsal dinner at Dave & Buster’s.  It was such a good idea – the food was good and we had a nice big room with a projector.  During the dinner, we planed a slideshow of pictures of us and our rehearsal dinner guests.  I had planned to have the slideshow on in the background as we ate, but when it came on everyone got really quiet and actually watched it.  It was fun to see both Pat and I growing throughout our relationship, but it was also fun to see the role that each of our guests have played over the years.

Pat and I with our families:

I made Pat the groom’s cake for the rehearsal dinner 🙂

Dave & Busters was so much fun because after dinner, we were able to play games.  We gave out game cards and everyone took off!

After a long night of playing games and winning prizes, the younger crowd drove home.  My baby sister (in the green) drove Pat’s car home, and Pat and I followed in the car of another friend.  Not long after we got on the highway, we watched the tire blow out on Pat’s car.  We were so lucky that everyone was alright – we all pulled off to the side of the highway and called for help.  It was really scary!

When we got back to my hometown, Pat dropped me off at our house and went to stay at the hotel for the night.  I couldn’t wait for our wedding day!


One response to “Last Minute Planning & Rehearsal

  1. It was so nice to have everyone helping out. Carol and Irene were fabulous and really made a huge difference. Kate was the best maid of honor ever, and it was wonderful of her to do so much. And the flowers Joyce and Jack brought were so lovely – they really added to the wonderful rehersal dinner. You had an amazing wedding event all the way around!

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