The Ceremony

Wedding Recap, part 5…

Our wedding day started early.  Pat and I decided we wanted to see each other before the ceremony, to take pictures.  This way, we could join our guests for the happy hour immediately following the ceremony.  I’m so glad we decided to do this!  It made the picture taking less stressful, we had better light during the day, and we got to enjoy even more time with our guests.

I started getting ready at our house, with my team of hair and makeup artists (all family and friends) 🙂

I really wanted my hair to look like Bella’s from the prom scene in the first movie… I think it came out great!  After hair and makeup we headed to the hotel where our reception was going to be to finish getting dressed.  Pat stayed in the honeymoon suite the night before, and he vacated early enough so the girls could take it over.

Got into my dress…

And then headed off to see my groom…

Our photographer arranged for us to meet in a gazebo outside the hotel.

We took some pictures with just the two of us.  It was so hot and we were posing in the dirty grass… probably not the best idea right before walking down the aisle, but it made for some pretty pictures.

We also took pictures with our wedding party.

And our family.

And then headed to the chapel for our ceremony!  I didn’t get nervous until right before the wedding started.  I was so excited to be marrying Pat, but nervous to walk out in front of everyone.  Our candle lighter went first to light memorial candles in honor of our grandparents.

Our mothers used our grandparents’ candles to light their unity candles for us.

Our wedding party walked down, and then the flower girl and ring bearer went down.  They did an awesome job.

Then my dad walked me down the aisle.

And then, it was time for us to get married.  As you can see in the picture below, our minister forgot to tell everyone that they could sit down.  Oops.  Good thing our ceremony was only 6 minutes or so!

We lit the unity candle, exchanged our rings and vows, and then we were married!

We went back into the chapel to dismiss our guests by row.  I know this can take awhile, but we only had about 125 people at our wedding, so it wasn’t too bad.  As everyone left the chapel they received little packets of ecofetti on their way out.  The ecofetti was made to look like rice, but it flutters like snow, and dissolves when it rains.  It made for some beautiful pictures!

We then headed off to the reception in our “getaway” car.

Time to party!!


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  1. Wonderful highlights!

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