The Reception

Wedding Recap, part 6…

We entered our reception to “La La Love You”  by the Pixies.  After the wedding party entrance we cut the cake.  It was cookies n’ cream on the inside – and so delicious!

Yes, we were a tacky couple that smudged a little bit of cake on each other’s nose – but not too bad 🙂

We enjoyed the cocktail hour with our guests (and a few appetizers – yes, I actually ate at my own wedding), and then everyone moved into a second room for dinner.

The food at dinner was so good.  The speeches were even better.

My dad was awesome.  He said that it would be cliche to say that he wasn’t losing a daughter, but gaining a son… so instead he said he wasn’t losing a daughter, but gaining a bug killer.  I’m famous for being terrified of bugs 🙂

After dinner we went back into the first room for dancing.  They had re-arranged the set-up while we were in the dinner room.  Pat and I danced our first dancy to “Lucky” by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat.  I just quizzed Pat to see if he remembered our first dance song and he passed 🙂  (he also asked that I give him full credit on the blog for getting it right!)

My dad and I danced to “Father and Daughter” (Paul Simon) and Pat and his mom danced to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (Elvis).

We danced all night until they shut the place down at midnight.  At that point, the party moved uptown… but Pat and I were beat!  It was seriously the best day (and as I mentioned before, the best couple weeks) of my life.


2 responses to “The Reception

  1. It definitely was a great night. I hope your anniversary was fun!

    P.S. You and Pat should know that Mom wasn’t kidding–the little cake we picked up was as heavy as a brick.

  2. What wonderful memories! Yes, I couldn’t believe how heavy that one little cake was. It tasted great at the wedding, and I hope it is as good when you thaw it out to enjoy. That was a really nice touch for the wedding cake maker to add.

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