Montego Bay, Jamaica

Wedding Recap, part 7…

I’m wrapping up the wedding recaps with some pictures from our honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica!  We had a wonderful time.  We stayed at the Sandals resort.  Our room was beautiful!  We had an ocean view room, complete with not one, but two butlers.  If you’re going to stay at a Sandals resort, let me tell you that you need a butler.  Not only was it nice for having things delivered to our room, but our butlers got a great tables at dinner (the tables with the best views), and reserved our own hut on the beach.  Also, when we were running late to one of our excursions, our butler was waiting by the boat with towels and water.  How wonderful.

Our beautiful room and view:

Our butler would decorate our bed and room each night while we were out to dinner.  We’d come home to towel animals, a jacuzzi full of flowers, or cheese and crackers on our night stand.  It was wonderful.

Our first day there, we just explored the resort and enjoyed the “free” island drinks.

We ate at Tokyo Joe’s our first night.  You pick your meat and sauce and they cook it right in front of you, with a big flame.  We learned the very first night that Jamaica runs on its own time.  A restaurant that’s supposed to open at 6:00 PM might not actually open until 6:25 PM.  We took some pictures on the beach while we waited for Tokyo Joe’s to open.

And watched the peddlers on the beach.  They are very friendly.

Finally, it was time for dinner.

We were pretty happy with the food at Sandals.  Tokyo Joe’s was one of our favorites.  We also really liked Royal Thai.  When you stay at any Sandals, you can travel to other Sandals resorts for free meals.  Royal Thai was at another location, and it sits on its own island.  It was an awesome dining experience!  You had to take a boat to get to it.

The food was beautiful.

We ate breakfast on our patio most mornings.  I think they only got my breakfast order right 1 or 2 mornings all week, but it was nice and relaxing to have it delivered to our room.

We enjoyed lazing on the beach in our own hut all week.  We had cell phones to call our butlers when we wanted drinks or food delivered on the beach 🙂

Pat really loved the sail boats.  I went out with him a few times, but I was so nervous about the sail boats tipping over – we watched another couple tip over our first time out!  So after that, I just took pictures of Pat while I hung out on the beach.

We also took two excursions while we were there.  One was worth the money, one was not.  We really liked the excursion to the Ocho Rios Falls.  You get to climb a waterfall!  And they follow you with a video camera.  We were the chumps who actually paid $20 – 30 for the DVD, but it’s a cool keepsake to have. 

We were not impressed with the Margaritaville excursion.  It cost somewhere around $100 per person and included a 3 hour boat ride (with drinks), snorkeling, and a quick stop at the Margaritaville restaurant where they charge another $11 for a margarita – and although the trip was from 10 AM – 1 PM, lunch was not included.  And lunch at Margaritaville started at $20.  Maybe we’re cheapskates, but we could have enjoyed the free drinks, a free lunch, and snorkeling for free while at the Sandals resort.  All we really got was a brief boat ride, which was cool, but not worth $200 for the two of us.

My one disclaimer about our trip (if you are ever considering traveling to Jamaica, or staying at a Sandals there):  there was a lot we like and a lot we didn’t like about Sandals/Jamaica, but our overall impression was that while we would not go back, we’re glad we went.  Jamaica is a very poor country that lives on the tourist industry, so you are constantly being asked for money.  Also, we were kind of stuck on the resort grounds (or on expensive group excursions) because it wasn’t safe for us to explore the city on our own.  Part of the fun of traveling to new places is to explore a new city, but this trip challenged us to spend an entire week just relaxing on the beach.

Well that wraps up all the recaps.  Tomorrow is the big day – our first wedding anniversary!!  I’m super excited (just like I was for our first dating anniversary).  Pat has something secret planned… I love surprises.  Stay tuned to find out what the surprise is tomorrow!


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  1. Your anniversary is a great time to reminisce about your honeymoon. It still sounds wonderful!

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