Happy 1st Anniversary!

I have a confession to make.  Pat and I are both bad at surprises, so we actually exchanged gifts on Saturday, the day before our official anniversary.  So our anniversary weekend (the best holidays deserve more than one day) was very special!

Pat shared his gift first.  While I was sleeping in Saturday morning, he was dressed and out the door early.  When I came downstairs, I saw a set up that was similar to what I saw when he proposed:

He had used the same digital picture frame, but updated it with pictures from our wedding.  It was very sweet of him!  For my gift, I updated a scrapbook I had given Pat on our first dating anniversary (March 2005), and on the last page I added an envelope that said “I La La Love You.”  La La Love You happens to be the name of a song by the Pixies… and inside the envelope were tickets to a Pixies concert 🙂  It will be a nice gift for both of us!

Sunday morning I made us an anniversary breakfast.  Eggs (or egg whites), veggie bacon, berries and coffee.

Pat had 3 eggs with bell peppers and onion on a wheat thin sandwich.  I had a wrap with the same veggies, 3 egg whites, and Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese.  We both had strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  The veggie bacon was from Morning Star – it really tasted like bacon, and was so good without the gross bacon texture.  Just crisp, thin strips.

We had a nice day around the house, and then went out to dinner.  We ate at Catalan.  It’s a restaurant we have driven by often, and we always comment that we should try it sometime.  So we finally did!  They had a very interesting menu, but it was different from the menu posted online, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

We started with the arugula salad (with blue cheese, roasted hazelnuts and cane vinaigrette).  It was one of the most amazing salads I’ve ever had.  I really liked the sweet but slightly spicy dressing.  It all went so well together.

We also ordered the tomato gazpacho soup.  It was chilled with chunks of cucumber.  I really don’t like cucumber, and even the creamy tomato soup tasted like cucumber.  But it was so refreshing, I ate a lot of it anyway.

We toasted our first anniversary with a glass of champagne.

After the champagne we each ordered a glass of wine.  Pat ordered a Red Zinfandel that he said went well with his pork chops.  I ordered a glass of Willi Schafer Estate Riesling.  It was soo good.  Just sweet enough, and not very acidic like some Riesling can be.

There was nothing on the menu (main dishes anyway) that was vegetarian friendly.  Pat told the server that I’m a vegetarian and asked what he recommended.  He said they could make me a veggie dish with corn and beans.  They made me a veggie dish, but it had no beans.  I was disappointed at first.  I was staring at a plate filled with veggies I don’t really like – carrots, squash, zucchini… and potatoes.  But it was actually really good.  I think it was mixed in a light olive oil sauce.

I think if you had told Pat when we first started dating if I would eat just a plate full of veggies on our first anniversary, he would never have believed it.  I’ve come a long way!  I ate almost the entire plate, and the best part was that I didn’t feel stuffed.  Good thing – we decided to order dessert!

We ordered the carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream.  It came drizzled in caramel, with blueberries.  It was sooo good, we ate the entire plate.  Although it didn’t say there was any coffee in here, we definitely tasted coffee in something.  Not sure if it was the icing, the ice cream or the caramel, but there was a coffee taste.

Catalan was a cool experience.  The decor was nice (we loved the chandeliers), and the service was great.  The server congratulated us on our anniversary, and was very attentive.  As soon as we finished one course, our plates were picked up right away and the next course was out shortly.  It was a great, romantic place for our first anniversary dinner!


2 responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary!

  1. Back from vacation and finally getting caught up on reading your blog. It is wonderful! I hope you keep it up.

    What a great anniversary weekend. Pat is so thoughtful, and I hope he liked the tickets you got him. What a nice dinner.

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