I Love Samosas

Yesterday was an Indian food kind of day.  We had leftovers from Shiva Indian for lunch – we had so much leftovers!  Enough for a big plate for both me and Pat.  Of course, I took most of the leftover samosa 🙂

My plate:

Pat’s plate:

For dinner, we went to The Red Lion.  It’s been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  We saw this stamp at the entrance while waiting to be sat: 

We had gone once before and loved it.  It’s a fun pub with a mix of mostly British pub food and Indian food.  Last time we went I ordered the chicken tikka masala and it was amazing.  Pat had ordered the baked brie salad, which was equally as good.  I was excited to be going back!

We started by ordering from the long list of beers.  Pat had a Guinness and I had some Raspberry Hard Cider.  It was so good, but it filled me up before our food came.  I ordered the Vegetable Samosas.  It was on the appetizer menu, so I asked our server how big they were.  She told me they were about the size of her fist, and it comes with three, so I decided that would be plenty!  It was a good thing, because I was only able to eat one.

There were definitely peas and potatoes, but I’m not sure what else was in the filling.  I ate it with the slightly sweet but still spicy chutney.  The spice level of the samosas was perfect for me – spicy enough without overpowering the taste.  As you could probably see in the background, Pat ordered the bangers and mash, which came with baked beans.

We were both really happy with our orders!  After all the spicy food, I was in the mood for frozen yogurt.  Swirll has been a recent favorite of mine, but I wanted to try out Berripop, which recently opened near us.  I tasted their Original flavor and loved it – just a little tart.  The small size is $2.50, but for an extra $1 you can add as many toppings as you want.  I think this might make it a better deal than Swirll (but I did not weigh it to be sure)… I added heath bar, strawberries and mini chocolate chips.

I had to wait until we got home to eat mine so I could get a good picture.  Pat ate his small raspberry-pomegranate on the way home, so no pictures of his!  It was the perfect way to end the night.


6 responses to “I Love Samosas

  1. Sounds like a gourmet day. I nice way to end the day with changed plans.

  2. I love that show! I always write down restaurant names and hopefully I can go to some of them someday!

  3. I love samosas too, but i always love everything you posted today!!! YUM YUM

    what a delicious day of weekend eats ❤

  4. My hubby LOVES DD&D…he would of been ALL over that pub! The fruity choc chip ice cream has me salivating right now! Seriously…YUM!

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