Searching for Light & BBQ Tofu

When we bought our house back in February the sellers took their chandelier out of the dining room and left us with a few hanging wires.  We thought, no big deal, we’ll buy something more our taste.  Well it turned out to be quite an ordeal.  We’ve searched on and off for months, and could not find anything we liked for a price we liked.  It’s mostly been monthly trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s where “the one” was never found.

This weekend we decided that we could not wait any longer, and we went on a mission to find a light.  We started at specialty lighting stores.  At the first four stores, no one even offered to help us, and nothing caught our eye.  At the fifth store, the owner stopped to help us – and offer us beer.  But we still did not find anything we loved.

We ended up back at Home Depot, and in two minutes we had picked out our light!  I’m really happy with what we chose, and I think it looks nice in the dining room.  Pat put it together and hung it.  He’s turned into quite the handy man!

We did run into a small issue.  The breaker for the dining room broke.  Pat went out to Lowe’s and bought a new breaker, and installed it himself.  It made me nervous, but he did his research, and it fixed our electric problem!  Our (finally completed) dining room:


Before moving to Texas, I was never a fan of BBQ.  Even since moving here, I’m still not crazy about it.  But for some reason I was craving it last night.  So I decided to try some BBQ tofu!  I started by sautéing the tofu in olive oil, ground pepper and onion powder, and then added in red onion, red bell pepper and garlic.

And then I just added some Kroger brand “KC Style” BBQ sauce.

I decided it would be good as a sandwich.

Pat and I found this to be a little too messy as a sandwich, but it was tasty.  Maybe I need to shred the tofu into smaller pieces next time?  Anyway, it satisfied my craving for BBQ 🙂


8 responses to “Searching for Light & BBQ Tofu

  1. whoohooo for the one! It looks very nice in there–your home looks lovely!

    I love anything with bbq sauce haha 🙂

  2. YAY for having a handyman!!! haha.

    BBQ TOFU IS SO YUMMY!! good call on making it into a sandwich too!! xo

  3. Go Pat! That is awesome! Grandpa K would be quite proud!

    OK – I love BBQ, but I must say the tofu won’t do it for me. Hope dinner went well.

  4. Nice new chandelier!!! We just bought one on overstock, it was a 1,000 dollar chandelier, we got for $160.! We plan to leave the next resident with wires, eek!! No, just kidding, we saved the thing that was hanging there before..they can replace it or keep it if they like. It was a pain in the butt replacing it though…luckily, we had a friend that just did it, and he came over to help us! Your looks GREAT!! You guys did a really great job!!

    Tofy scramble dish looks YUM!!

    • Thanks! I didn’t think to look on overstock – I always forget what great deals they have. LOL, at least you’ll leave them with the old light! We’re not sure why the sellers would have taken it all, but I guess we knew what we were getting into. I bet we’ll want to take the light when we go too!

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