Dinner Party

Last night we had friends over for dinner.  It’s always fun to plan meals when cooking for others, and we had stocked up on lots of groceries at Costco the day before.  Our menu:

Appetizer – Homemade Guacamole

I made it the same as last time, but added in some salt and just a hint of chili powder per Pat’s request.  He wanted a little more heat, but I like my guac more onion-y, not spicy.  Served with salsa and chips.

Side Dish – Strawberry, Avocado and Red Onion Salad

I made this one the same as before – I love it!  But of course, I love anything with avocado in it.

Dinner – Soy Burritos

For dinner, I wanted to go with a recipe that would not take long to make.  I wanted to spend time with our guests, and did not want to be stuck in the kitchen all night.  I also wanted a vegetarian meal that even non-vegetarians could like, and this one usually gets high reviews from Pat, so I went with it.  I added in some of the homemade guac and salsa.

Don’t mind the “napkin” – even though we had clean cloth napkins in our hutch, the hubby went with the paper towels 🙂

Dessert – Blueberry-Lemon Coffee Cake (Cooking Light)

I wanted to try something new for dessert.  I made this coffee cake earlier in the day because I knew it might take awhile.  I found this recipe under a list of good summer desserts, and I had just bought a huge package of blueberries at Costco, so this sounded perfect.  Not to mention, it called for lemons.  My husband eats lemons for dessert.  Like, he eats them as though they were oranges!

I started with the batter.  The recipe called for almond paste, but it was $4 for a tiny thing at the store.  So instead I bought almond pie filling for half the price.  I’m not sure if it was a good idea or not, or how the paste would have made a difference, but I think it came out fine with the almond filling!  I also used light vanilla soy milk instead of milk and swapped Smart Balance stick butter for regular butter.  I think I also added a little extra lemon zest!

It was a good thing I found an electric hand mixer in the cupboard… it had never been opened before, so it was probably a wedding gift that got stashed away.  It would have been helpful when I was making the egg souffle!

The topping was the best part – sugar, butter, cinnamon and sliced almonds.  I felt like it could have used more topping, but then I guess it wouldn’t have been such a light recipe, would it?

Into the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, and out came this delicious pan!

It cooled while we ate dinner, and then I threw a few pieces in the microwave before serving them.  They were thick, moist and refreshing.  I don’t bake often, but I think these came out pretty good!

It was a fun night with great company 🙂

What is your favorite thing to make for a dinner party?


6 responses to “Dinner Party

  1. BLUEBERRY COBBLER!! this looks soooooo scrumptious and soft! the little sprinkle of toppings is perfect too! bet that was a hit! ❤

  2. i love to make dessert bars at a dinner party. im usually the one bringing the baked goods for sure 🙂

  3. I wanna come for a dinner party!!!! Everything looks fantastic!

    I am ALWAYS the dessert person! I feel like it’s been forever since i have made dessert though…I need to brush up on my baking, I have been focusing on “un-baking” so much these days!

  4. This all looks so good! I hope your company enjoyed this.

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