Playing Catch Up

I’ve been slacking on posting… so I’ll back up to Monday night. 


I wanted something fast, but a plain veggie burger sounded boring.  So I cooked up some red onions to use as a side dish / topping.

I sautéed the slices in:

  • 1-2 tbsp peanut oil
  • 1/4 cup rice vinegar
  • 2 tbsp chopped garlic
  • oregano

They tasted great on their own as a side dish, but even better on the burgers!  Pat’s was served with shredded cheddar cheese and mine with Laughing Cow swiss cheese.


Tuesday night was a typical Freebirds night.  We always seem to go on Tuesdays – just our night for fast food I guess.  In addition to our burritos, the “pot” brownies caught my eye, so I picked one up for me and Pat to split.

Don’t worry, you can see the ingredients for yourself:

They were good, but as Pat put it best, “well, it’s a brownie.”  Nothing special, but it was a tasty brownie.


Wednesday night we ate at Mongolian Hot Pot.  It was a fun experience, but a difficult restaurant for a vegetarian surrounded by carnivores.  You order raw meat (among other things), and cook it yourself in a big “hot pot” on the table.  The restaurant staff was really nice though, and helped me to make it work.  Most of their broth options used beef or chicken broth, but they offered to serve their original with water instead of chicken broth.  It still had a lot of flavor from all the items they used to season the water – big garlic cloves, onion, some kind of nut, etc.  The water broth is on the left side of the hot pot:

They offered several tofu options on the menu, and I went with the fried tofu sheet.

It tasted good, and just needed a few seconds in the broth to soak up the flavor.  The texture was a little weird though, and reminded me of rubbery Chinese food.  As a side dish, I ordered the egg dumpling.  I asked what was in it, and the server told me just egg.  Well right before all our food came out, another server arrived and asked who the vegetarian was.  He told me that the first guy had told me wrong – the egg dumpling has meat in it.  So instead he recommended the egg noodles.  It was an excellent suggestion – this was my favorite dish!  If I were to go back again, I would just get the egg noodles – they were amazing, and really good dipped in the garlic paste sauce.  I could have done without the cilantro topping though.

For dessert, I was curious, and just had to try the Red Bean Paste Yam Cakes.  Sounds interesting, right?  Well, interesting is a good word to describe them.

The yam part was chewy, almost like a thick jello.  It didn’t have a strong taste, and I didn’t really like or dislike it.  The inside was a sweet, gooey red bean paste.  I was surprised by how sweet it was, and I really liked it.  It was very rich, and I ended up just eating the red bean paste out of a few pieces.  I was glad I tried it, but might not get it again.

Wednesday was also my baby sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday Cara!!  And thank you for not telling the family before you decided to jump off a mountain – yes, she went paragliding on her birthday.


I made a Tri-Colored Tofu Stir-fry with couscous on the side.  It was colorful and tasty, with soy sauce, veggie broth, garlic and brown sugar.  We ate our dinner while watching Big Brother.  I’ve never watched the show before this season, and I’m not sure why we got started on it, but now we’re addicted.  It’s crazy that it’s on 3 times a week, but it keeps me hooked.  Is anyone else watching this season??

And that completes the tour of my dinners this week.  I hope your week was just as tasty!

Do you find that you fall into the same weekly patterns for food?  I’ve noticed that I usually cook Mondays, Tuesdays are fast food (usually Subway or Freebirds), Wednesdays could be either, but are usually eaten out or ordered in, and Thursday I’m back to cooking.


3 responses to “Playing Catch Up

  1. A great week of food, and I loved the Cara photo! The colorful food looks so very appetizing!

  2. omg those pot brownies look freaking amazing! i LOVE the name too!! haha ❤

  3. Pot brownies?! Great name. 😉

    I’ve been meaning to try cooking with peanut oil. I bet it gives the food a great flavor.

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