Gaga for LADY GAGA

When I heard Lady Gaga was coming to Houston, I really wanted to get tickets – but they sold out in minutes (or was it seconds?)… then she opened a second show, and I was ready and waiting at my computer right at noon to buy tickets.  But they were sold out immediately.  I was really disappointed because this is the first show in a long time I would have given anything to see.  The ticket prices online at the time were outrageous – $400-500 for not even good seats?!  I had all but given up.  But I have the best family in the entire world, and their anniversary gift to me and Pat was tickets to see Lady Gaga Monday night 🙂  And the show was AMAZING!!

We got to the Toyota Center early to get in line and people watch.  I loved all the costumes people showed up in, and kind of wished I had taken the time to put something together myself.  Instead I threw on jeans and a t-shirt when I got home from work and called it good.  While we were waiting on line to get in, Pat nudged me and goes, “Hey, there’s your sister.”  I thought he was joking, but two people ahead of us in line was a girl who looked almost exactly like my sister Kellie – so close it was scary!  She even sounded like Kellie, and the facial expressions were similar.  So when we got inside, I walked up to her, told her she looked just like my sister, and asked if I could take a picture.  I’m sure she thought it was really weird, but she agreed 🙂  Here’s me and Kellie’s double:

And here’s my sister:

Do you see the resemblance??

After walking around a bit, we went to find our seats.  I thought we were going to be really far away (and maybe it looks far because a lot of my pictures did not turn out), but it really wasn’t bad at all.  We had a pretty good view, and another group wanted to sit together, and asked if we would move down a few rows so they could have our seats – so we did!

Before the opening act, some DJ played classic rock and danced around on stage.  We honestly couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.  Either way, it was a cool way to warm up the crowd.

Me and Pat waiting for the show to start:

While waiting, I enjoyed the hairdo of a girl in front of us.  I actually saw a lot of girls with soda cans in their hair.

The opening act was awesome.  I had never heard of them before – Semi Precious Weapons.  The lead singer was a riot – their first song was “I Can’t Pay My Rent, But I’m Fucking Gorgeous.”  He came out wearing a thin shirt/dress, fish nets and high heels.  He then did a costume change on stage and got down into what looked like nude-colored underwear.  He also popped champagne and poured it over the stage to some fans.  He stopped at one point and said something along the lines of, “Parents.  Don’t hate me because I’m offensive.  Love me because I’ve exposed your kids to real rock n’ roll.”  He also talked about how the band first played with Lady Gaga back in 2006 for a show of 12 people.  I think it’s awesome that they’re traveling together for her big tour, and I really liked their music!  The best picture I got of Semi Precious Weapons was on the big screen.

When Gaga finally came out, it started with a big screen flashing pictures of her.

Which was then replaced by her big shadow.

The first song was set with a backdrop of her car being broken down in NYC.  When she lifts the hood of the car to check out what’s inside, it’s a keyboard, which she then begins to play.  The whole show was sort of a Wizard of Oz theme, with Gaga on a journey to get to the Monster Ball.  It was cool because she talked between songs.  She definitely had some recurring messages throughout her show – love yourself, it’s okay to be different, and a lot of support for GLBT rights.  The messages were cool, but it was a little ironic when she kept talking about hating money.

At one point she gave a nice speech.  As Pat just pointed out, it was like she was talking to a cult, but I think it was cool the way she engaged her fans.  “I didn’t used to be brave.  In fact, I wasn’t brave at all.  I had a lot of people who didn’t believe in me, who judged me and told me no, and made me feel like I didn’t belong anywhere.  But, you have made me brave, little monsters.  And now I’m going to be brave for you.  Tonight, I want you to free yourself.  I want you to let go of all your insecurities.  I want you to… reject anyone or anything that ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough or you couldn’t fit in… You remember that you’re a fucking superstar!  Tonight is going to be your liberation.  And when you leave, do not leave loving me more, leave loving yourself more.”  She then proceeded to walk around, complimenting her fans on their costumes and the signs they brought.

One of my favorite parts was when she slowed down her concert to play the piano – a piano that was on fire.  Literally.  And she didn’t just play with her hands – she played with her feet and her tongue.  She played Speechless and a new song called You and I.  I can’t wait for her next CD!

At one point, she sees a tornado coming, and a cylinder of screens came down over her.

She emerged in a Glenda-like costume, and walked through the “scary forest” of Central Park.

She ended with four of my (and probably everyone’s) favorite songs – Alejandro, Poker Face, Paparazzi, and an encore of Bad Romance.  During Paparazzi, she battles the Fame Monster on stage – a huge monster with sharp teeth and long tentacles.  She tells the crowd to take pictures of it to kill it, we win, and she makes it to the Monster Ball.  It was a great show and we had such an amazing time!  Maybe we’ll get to see her when she’s back next April 🙂


7 responses to “Gaga for LADY GAGA

  1. OK – that is scary amazing! It really did look like Kellie (although I think Kellie is a bit prettier). Wow! I wonder who she is?

  2. Are soda cans in hair a new fashion trend? They look like the old days when people used juice cans as curlers and would shop with them in.

    The concert sounded great, and we are so glad you and Pat enjoyed it!

    • Haha, “the old days” 🙂 Lady Gaga has worn soda cans in her hair – a lot of the fans were wearing hairstyles and clothing similar to what Gaga has worn in the past.

  3. GAGA!!! My 20 month old nephews first word was “Gaga” –he has been OBSESSED with Bad Romance since he was like 6 months old, haha…no lie…he says to my mother in law “Gaga in Car”–its the only thing that makes him stop crying sometimes, hahah.

    Thats awesome that your fam got you guys tix! Happy anni!!! You guys are adorable, and I def see a resemblance between you and your sis! Fun time!!!

  4. thanks for the rundown! I think her show would be a blast to go to

    and yes, that resemblance is uncanny!

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