Friday night was date night.  We started out at the Memorial City Mall for some shopping.  We had heard there were some good deals at Dillard’s.  Pat had success, but I tend to get so overwhelmed at big department stores.  I did find some good deals on shoes, but they didn’t have any I liked in my size.  My find of the evening was a pair of $10 skinny jeans from Anne Taylor Loft (marked down from $60).  Not bad!

After shopping we didn’t have anything in mind for dinner, so we just drove around until we found something that looked good.  We ended up at Mayuri, an Indian restaurant in the Galleria area.  Neither of us had heard anything about it, but we figured we would try it.

It was a nice atmosphere and I was excited to see that their menu was divided by vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian options.  Pat ordered a lamb curry and I ordered a garbanzo bean curry.  I ordered mine with what they called Thali.  For an extra $5 you got a side of soup, yogurt, lentils, dessert and a few other items.

The soup came out first.  I’m not sure what it was called, but it was like wonton soup, only really spicy.

Then the garbanzo bean curry came out.  It didn’t have any chiles next to it in the menu, which meant it was not supposed to be spicy.  But my lips were numb after only a few bites.  Tasty, but too spicy for me to eat much.

I liked about half of the Thali – the lentils were really good, but even hotter than the garbanzo beans.

Dessert was small, but really good – a small biscuit coated in sugar and butter.  Does it get much better?  Good thing it was such a small serving!

Because the food was so hot, I only ate a little of it and mostly snacked on the naan.  I had a lot of leftovers.

Although the food was fine, the service was awful.  It took forever to get someone to take our order.  Then it took forever each time I wanted more water.  One server actually walked by my empty water cup several times without paying any attention to my attempt to flag him down.  When we finally managed to get our check, they charged us for a beer that Pat ordered, but was never brought out.

There is so much good Indian food in Houston, I don’t think we will be back to this location.  It’s a shame, but I really think that poor service can outweigh decent food.  And on the flip side, if the food is amazing, I might be willing to “put up” with poor service.  What are your thoughts on bad service at restaurants?


2 responses to “Mayuri

  1. The Garbabanzo bean curry looks so YUM..but I am with you, I hate foods too spicy too!

    Bad service at restaurants is THE WORST!!! We like to eat, get in and get out…you go out to enjoy a good meal, and it gets ruined when the service is horrible!

  2. I am frustrated with bad service – especially if I know it is the wait staff and not something in the kitchen beyond their control. Really, waiters are paid so little, you would think they would be pleasant for a bigger tip.

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