I’m a 20-something newlywed.  After getting married in June 2009, my husband Pat and I moved to Houston.  This blog is mostly to chronicle our adventures as we explore our new city and settle into our new home.  I enjoy cooking and trying different healthy recipes, so this blog will also follow my experiments in the kitchen.  We have a 7 month old puppy named Bailey.  You will likely see random pictures of her throughout this blog.  I also attempt to balance working out with everything else… in the event that I find make the time for that, you might see some fitness posts as well.

I was inspired to start my own blog by many blogs on many topics, and basically decided that I did not want to pick just one subject to write about.  So this is my space to write about anything and everything on my mind.  But mostly about food.

As much as I love to cook, I am clearly a klutz in the kitchen.  This has become even more evident as I look back at some of my posts:


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  1. Thansk for stopping by my blog – I like yours and am interested to read more!!


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